Idyllwild Is Back In Business!!

New Spirit Vacation Homes

New Spirit Vacation Homes is thrilled to be able to inform to all that the outlying Cranston fire is safely contained, evacuations have all been lifted and there are no restrictions on visiting Idyllwild. For those now coming and going, Hwy 243 is recommended route up the hill while Hwy 74 is undergoing cleanup so temporarily closed. In addition please know all shops and restaurants are open, standard business hours are in effect, town traffic is more back to normal, the town has returned to its alluring beauty and we are now booking for immediate mountain home occupancy.
We would like to thank our brave firefighters and first responders for once again protecting our mountain and community. In addition we would like to thank all our current and past guests for being supportive,cooperative, and concerned during this disruptive, stressful, dangerous event. 
Since the fire is no longer a safety concern, New Spirit has begun honoring all upcoming reservations effective Tues 7/31/18.  We look forward in seeing you all upon check-in!
If you have any questions please give Monica a call at 909-910-5005
We look forward in seeing you all soon.  
Monica Larrabee
CEO & Founder New Spirit Vacation Homes

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